We have been designing and developing for over 20 years and have a keen interest in the latest trends in web design and current best practices. A website can be a daunting project but we have the experience to take care of the whole project for you in a simple, easy process we have developed.

Technical specs about our websites

Let your content lead your design to ensure your message is the focus of your communication.

  • Built on the WordPress platform, fully customized themes that are the best currently available due to their design, functionality and ease of use
  • Created with maximum search engine optimization [SEO] and Google Analytics always integrated so you can be found and monitor your engagement.
  • AODA compliant design + development (learn more from this blog post)

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What's involved in a website design?

Step 1


Do you have an existing website? Do you require a new hosting plan? A domain name? Let us help you set your website up with a reliable sustainable platform.

Step 2

Content Organization

Also known as information architecture, the website design process starts with looking at the content and determining what style of website best suits the material and desired message. More about website types in this blog post.

Structuring out the content on wireframes, we are starting to shape the website by content.

Step 3


Now the fun part! Do you have a strong logo and visual identity for your website created? If not, this is where we specialize so you are in the right place! A strong visual identity and look will give your brand and business credibility and strong presence.

Along with the visual identity we are going to use a kick-ass Wordpress theme that will accentuate your design and provide minimal animated details that are mobile-friendly.