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Rubix Records

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Logo Design, Identity Design, Promotional Material, Album Art


The logo

We started with the wordmark, finding inspiration from retro html styling and wanted the logo to be very minimal.

The cube element was added to give another dimension to the logo and to create a single visual mark that could be used without the wordmark to identify the brand.

To further expand the versatility we created a sketched version of the cube. This could potentially be used to signify a secondary style of release on the record label.

The visual identity

These examples show how the colours, graphic art, the logos and their placement define the visual identity in a strong way.

The art and colours used in these examples are just a starting point, the goal being to evolve and expand this visual identity over time to keep it interesting and contemporary.


Promotional material

Tshirts are standard promotional material for record labels. Using original art and the subtle logo details of this identity make for designs that are closer to streetwear than promo material.

Album art

Record cover album art that, again, is completely flexible. I could imagine a catalogue of photography, illustrations and graphic art that the artist could select from, keeping the identity defined yet versatile and allowing for an endless selection of designs.

Sub-branding for podcasts, singles, mixes shown below to further accompany the main music releases.