You may hear the terms logo, branding, visual identity all used interchangeably but here is how we are breaking it down for purpose of simplicity and clarity in our communications.

Logo, brand, visual identity... what do these all mean exactly?


The logo is the easiest to define, it’s quite simply your main visual mark to represent yourself or your organization.


Your brand is what you represent and communicates more than your logo. It’s what you stand for and the tone of your company.

Visual Identity

Your visual identity is the package of logo, fonts, colours and visual elements (graphic details, illustrations, photography style) that craft your brand when used together.

Visual identity elements

Alright we have a logo! Success! Let’s look at the accompanying visual elements that define your look and we will apply to all of your design material.

The main elements forming a visual identity are:

  • the logo
  • fonts
  • colours
  • visual elements

The Logo

The logo is the foundation of your visual identity and branding. All visual cues must directly relate to the logo design.


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Logo Usages

We often get asked about having a logo that will work in many formats. A key part of a successful logo design is that it will work in any application.

A logo design will have several “usages”, which means formats and sizes that are ideal for use in various circumstances.

A stacked or main version, a wide format, with or without tagline, an icon, reverse on black are all logo variations that are included with your logo design.


Fonts are the typeface that are used in the logo and also defined for use in the material as headings, body copy, etc.



Colour is one of the most powerful visual markers for your brand. Colour psychology can be used to create a subliminal representation for your identity. We always want to consider competitor's key colours and avoid any political conflicts your colours could communicate.


With about 80% of human experience filtered through our eyes, visual cues are vital in getting a message across

– Leatrice Eiseman, Director Pantone Color Institute

Visual Elements

Photography, illustration and design details that are specific to this identity. This is a key part of a visual identity design.

Toronto Logo Design specializes in this area because our team members are artists first and have contemporary visual design first and foremost in mind and only craft unique identity designs.

Our Process

So how do we do this? Easy! We will first help you create the perfect logo.

Then we will create two unique visual identity designs for your consideration. We want to ensure your choices are leading your design and that you are 100% satisfied with your identity, because it’s yours.

Here is an example of two visual identity options submitted for this client, a cannabis dispensary [view this portfolio].