Looking at the basics of what makes a successful eNewsletter communication or eBlast. Like everything we create, we want to let the message lead the design. Let’s look at how we achieve this.

What types of email communication are there?

  • eBlasts

    Concise message with one (or maximum two) “call to actions”, a button to direct users to your website

  • eNewsletters

    A longer, monthly piece that organizations send. They often have:
    -latest news

“Less is more. Keeping it simple takes time and effort.”-JEFF BULLAS

What makes a great email communication?

  • simplicity! Users have a short attention span so a giant paragraph of copy is less likely to get read
  • create a content hierarchy of key feature message that cascades down to minimal details
  • use bullet points wherever possible to make content scannable and easy to visually digest
  • use graphic visuals that engage and relate to your branding (and as a bonus you can also use for your social media images to create a cohesive story through your material)
  • encourage social sharing for higher engagement
  • ensure AODA compliance. Repeat text that appears on images so they are readable in plain text and follow h1 hierarchies
  • mobile test your design and ensure your code is clean and it renders as ideal as possible on all devices and email client (not always an easy task but we must try!)

How do I create my eNewsletter?

Mailchimp is the only platform that we work with. It is ideal for the following reasons:

  • it has drag and drop templates that once set up by a designer could allow for your staff to create their own eblasts
  • it is cross-tested across every mobile and email program platforms to ensure it will render as ideal as possible.
  • it has compatible Wordpress plug-ins that allow for your users to subscribe to your mailing list and receive email campaigns in an effortless way that does not involve any list management from you whatsoever.

Great Design Example

The design of this eblast is really well executed. LUSH’s branding is outstanding to start but as an eblast this hits all the right marks:

  • clear messages and visual theme of blast
  • clear call to action(s)
  • sub-branding for the event connects to the overarching brand but has it’s own unique look

More Examples

Some campaigns are designed purely for marketing and advertising purposes, others to communicate a message, event or latest news.

Promotional eblast design for PAX announcing a new initiative:

An invitation eblast for a Ryerson University hosted conference:

Nice clean design with a main message and a sub message and clear call-to-action:

Bilingual eNewsletter design

For many Canadian government organizations and education departments, a bilingual enews communication is required. This presents a unique challenge with content management so we want to be as concise as possible.

These designs shown were stacked together in one eblast (English top, French below) with a note at the top in the header saying French to foll0w (in French). This is the current best practice.

Ready to get started?

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