Being obsessed with contemporary logo design and current design trends is our business (and passion). Let’s look at examples of what we are currently seeing that we love,  popular styles in logo design, colour trends for 2020, and latest award winners for a visual capture of the latest logo design trends.

Start 2020 with a new look and express your identity in the strongest way possible.


Flat, graphic minimal design is still very popular and we love it’s clean style and ease of application across designs.

Designs below all created by one of our favorite design studios, Buro Destruct in Switzerland


Colour is one of the key defining elements of your logo and visual identity. It can also evolve easily over time and give your brand a quick facelift. Get inspired and try something original and break free of traditional notions of colour.

PANTONE colour is the leading colour system in the world and their selections for the year affect choices made by designers in all areas of fashion, interior, and graphic design. Let's see what they are saying:


Pantone’s colour of the year 2020 is Classic Blue


As equality and treating women and men fairly are now expected, so too are genderless colors. “We are less apt today to talk about, ‘Oh, that’s a girly color, female color or male color.’ If a color speaks to you, you love it and it appeals to you — then go for it. Regardless of gender, we shouldn’t be putting labels on colors”

Leatrice Eiseman

Executive Director
Pantone Color Institute

Shutterstock has some selections for popular colours for 2020, inspired globally.

2019 Logo Branding + Visual Identity Award Winners

Looking at the latest award winners we get another idea of what is currently popular and effective:

Designs shown below courtesy of

These designs won 2019’s Best Branding Design award. The script designs reflect a handcrafted, more personal style which we love.

Designs shown below courtesy of Visual Identity Awards

These won the 2019 International Visual Identity Award. Good assortment here of styles with clean simple executions.

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