We often get asked if a website is really necessary with today’s users being very mobile and social media focused. Let’s break it down with what we see happening in the current online landscape and some options available. There are a lot of questions to consider before committing to a website design and build.

Are websites becoming a relic of the past?

Not quite yet. They still serve several purposes that are critical for your brand or organization:

  • They give a representation of your visual identity
  • Websites communicate that you are a professional, reliable organization
  • They allow for you to present your information and content in a way that is completely controllable by you
  • They allow for you to engage your users to [ideally] take some kind of desired action
  • They can allow for you to acquire new customers via Google searching and/or Google Ads.

Aren’t people mostly looking at information on their phones?

While the percentage of mobile users is constantly growing, the latest statistics (shown below) are that most users are looking at websites on desktop systems.

A website designed with mobile considerations is absolutely necessary. An intelligently designed website will be straddling the line between desktop and mobile in a way that is undetectable for users.

Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablet, Market Share in Canada

October 2019


Can social media replace online representations for certain brands?

Sometimes, absolutely. If you simply need a space to show off portfolio-type content on a frequent basis I would recommend just using social media. For example a barber or tattoo artist just looking for independent showcasing could just use Instagram and it would likely fit their needs just fine. A barber shop on the other hand would definitely need it’s own website.

Website considerations

Alright so maybe you do really need a website. Excellent. You came to the right place! Some next steps should you think about:

  • Is your logo and visual identity the strongest it can be?
  • Costs for:
    • hosting, set-up, Wordpress theme
    • content organization, writing, curation
    • designing your website
    • developing (build/code) your designs
  • Wordpress websites need to be maintained on a monthly basis
  • Creating social media channels to accompany your website
  • When shopping for any creative service you should think about a few things:
    • the designer’s visual style
    • are they aware of current best trends and practices in web (design, mobile, SEO, AODA)?

What options are there for websites?

Today we mostly see the following platform options (there are lots of random existing websites, be sure, but new ones created will typically be):

  • “Build your own” sites such as:
    • Squarespace
    • Wix
  • Wordpress

At Toronto Logo Design we only design our websites in Wordpress due to it’s design flexibility and naturally evolving platform. Having a website that is outdated in 2 years is a waste of time and energy.

Ready to get started?

Please check out some of our recent web design projects here and get in touch if you have any questions.