I have been in love with the simple graphic lines of 70s modern design for as long as I can remember. The art, graphic design, furniture – it all surrounds me and influences my art and design style.

Whenever I need a little inspiration to get a new logo or design started I will pull out my design books and think about the simplicity of a strong design. Also I appreciate the randomness of some of the older designs, there was a lot more humour and freedom to create something completely unexpected. Logo Modernism and Graphis Posters are two of my favourites. Here are some examples of pieces I love:

Images above from book:
Graphis Posters 73 (The International Annual of Poster Art, First Issue. Year 1973.)
by Walter Herdeg (Editor), Various Artists (Illustrator), Various Photographers (Photographer)

Looking at the iconic Canadian modern design of the CBC logo by Burton Kramer in 1974.

Images above photographed from book:
by Jens Müller, R. Roger Remington